Three Great Books, Enter to win.

Your chance to win all 3!

The three amigos are running another giveaway! Just click on the photo to enter to win a copy of Wendy Wax's, A WEEK AT THE LAKE Susan Crandall's, THE FLYING CIRCUS, and Karen White's, THE SOUND OF GLASS. Karen, Wendy and I are critique partners, as well as wine drinking, chocolate eating, ice cream indulging members of our own, Nittie Club. We go way back, not to get too specific in years and ages here. And we're … [Read more]

Susan Takes to the Skies

Although I've had plenty of experience riding in small aircraft from a pretty early age, I'd never been in a biplane up until last week. My dad started building flying machines when I was a kid. He started with flyable models made from balsa … [Read more]