The Long and Winding Road


I'm often asked about my "process," my approach to writing a novel.  We writers are a widely varied bunch and our writing processes are just as wide and varied.  Many a time, I've listened to another author expound on their process and have returned to my own work convinced what I've just heard is brilliant, and once put in practice will, no doubt, fuel my creativity, streamline and sharpen my prose, and cut out … [Read more]

Come Along with Me

    Now that THE FLYING CIRCUS is on it's way to you--arriving on shelves July 14, 2015--starting next week, watch for new posts as I take you along with me during the creative process of creating my next novel. … [Read more]

Sharing the love

One of the most wonderful experiences I have as a published author is getting to chat up my brainchild with booksellers and readers.  When those readers come in the prepackaged form of an enthusiastic book club, the sky is the limit for fun.  While … [Read more]

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes

   Well, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book--so much that I forgot to be a critical thinking writer in the process.  The characters were just edgy enough, the setting was absolutely rooted in reality, and the heavy subject matter was … [Read more]